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First Day of Spring Break

Pretty chill.

Been doing a little writing. Read Click and started this other book. Watched Gilmore Girls DVDs.

Been watching Rooney video diaries. I've been kinda behind so it was fun to watch em all. I really hope I get to catch them on tour this summer. They're my fave band. :)

Hopefully we can do a little something tomorrow.

Et tu Brute?

I am a Shakespeare god.

Or at least I wish I was.

JC is the one to be. I gotta study hardcore for my Julius Caesar test tomorrow.

It is gonna be haaaaard.

Wish me luck and pray. Pray profusely that I somehow scrape away with an A on this test.

*goes to reread the play a million times and then visits SparkNotes so that I know what the hell they are saying*





I am so sad and disappointed that David Hernandez got kicked off of Idol.

It should have been Kristy.

America angers me at these moments.

The only highlight:

DANNY was there. :)

And then I don't feel so bad

So the ceremony wasn't so terrible. Yes!

It was only fifteen minutes long. They didn't read the stupid debutante-esque paragraphs they had us write and I was able to catch most of American Idol. Score.

I was pleasantly surprised. As was everyone else, since really, who wants to sit in your school cafeteria beyond school hours and be all dressed up and have people brag about you?

Well I can think of ONE person, but we just won't name that person. Let's just say she was rather smiley and "oh look at me" all night. Well pin a rose on her nose.

Oh and girl who I want to yell MACAW at was there. All tan and bleached blonde. And for some reason I'm jealous. *sigh*

I've got to get over this. I mean, if the guy would date someone like her, why should I even continue to like him?

It's not like I could ever really date/marry him. I mean his name is my half brother and late grandfather's name.

And that's just awkward.

Being smart can be sort of...

A burden.

Like for instance the fact that everyone always expects you to do well.

And that whenever you don't, people are shocked and sort of sorry. Like "oh I'm so sorry about that grade." And they look like they pity you.

And you just want to be like, "Do you have to make such a big deal out of it? I just happened to not understand something for once."

But besides that, I'm just really not digging my intelligence because I have a NHS induction ceremony tonight that I am positively dreading going to.

I would rather stay home and watch American Idol. Despite the fact that Danny is gone. :(

New To This


So this is new for me.

I hope I don't suck to terribly at this.

And I hope I can actually make this space look cool.

Let me go try...

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